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 Our Story

On the  17th March 2011 our little boy Freddie was born, weighing a tiny 3lb9oz. Freddie was born with Congenital CMV, a nasty virus that can affect children at birth in many different ways. He fought the CMV and after a year was over the worst, unfortunately it damaged Freddies hearing and left him profoundly deaf in one ear and moderately to severely deaf in the other, so at 2months old he was fitted with a single hearing aid.
In February 2014 we were granted exceptional funding to have Freddie fitted with a single Cochlear Implant In his profoundly deaf ear. He reacted to it amazingly! Having never worn anything on that side we never thought he would keep it on but from the moment of switch on he has never taken it off!   
We have been very lucky that Freddie has always been happy to keep both his devices on, most of the time! Unfortunately we learnt very quickly that not all families have had such a smooth ride, having lots of problems with children not wanting to wear their devices as they look ‘ugly and unappealing’.  We did some research and found there was not a lot available to improve the look of hearing devices and decided there must be something we could do. From this, Lugs were born!  
We will be constantly expanding what we offer, and if there is a device we do not cater for or a design we do not have we would love to hear from you so we can try to offer it. All children including Freddie’s little brother Charlie want to wear lugs, despite not being deaf! People regularly comment on Freddie Lugs and he is so proud to tell them what he is wearing.  
We hope that Lugs can help your child to love their device and wear them with pride.  
Thanks for your continued support.
The Ivermee Family

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